Healthy Snacks for Watching Movies

Many of us enjoy sitting down and watching a great movie. It’s a fun way to spend an evening and many of us make time to do so at least once a week, if not many times throughout the week. When you sit down to watch a movie, there is typically something to eat attached along with it. Unfortunately, these snacks can often be rather unhealthy, especially if you follow many of the snacks that at the local movie theater. With just a little bit of effort on your part, however, you can come up with some healthy snacks and enjoy the movie without regrets.

When it comes to choosing something to snack on at the theater, the sky is really the limit. Snacking at home is not like snacking at the local theater, because you don’t need to worry about sneaking anything in. It still helps to plan for snacking in advance because most of us would simply grab the first thing that was available if we didn’t have anything ready. That being said, here are some of the healthy movie snacks that you can choose for yourself and your family.


Believe it or not, the classic movie snack of popcorn is actually one of the healthiest things that you can eat while you are watching a movie. It is important, however, to avoid the movie style popcorn that is loaded with butter and far too much salt. It is also a good idea to skip the microwave popcorn because it tends to contain a lot of chemicals in the bag along with the healthy kernels. Simply make some good, old-fashioned popcorn on the stove top and you will have a crunchy, satisfying snack. If you want to lightly salt it, you can spray it with a little olive oil to make the salt stick.

Kale chips

Potato chip seem to be a rather popular choice when it comes to snacking in front of the television. You can still enjoy that crunchy treat but do so in a healthy way. Make your own chips at home by roasting vegetables in the oven. They can be made from kale, zucchini or sweet potatoes. If you want an even healthier choice, dehydrate them so they keep the nutrients.

Frozen grapes

Many of us don’t necessarily want to eat a lot while we are watching a movie, we just want something to keep us busy. Frozen grapes are a perfect choice because they are fruit flavored, refreshingly cool and all-natural. They are also one of the easier healthy movie snacks to make. Just wash some grapes and put them in the freezer about an hour before you sit down for the movie.

If you really stop to think about it, you will find a lot of different healthy snacks available for movie time. Many of these snacks are also a great choice for munching on something in the middle of the day as well. Give it some thought and you will have a healthy treat for anytime you want to munch.